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Healthy Soda Alternatives

It may not be new to you hearing that soda is terrible for your health, but maybe you wish you knew of something to substitute in place of it?

I’m here to rescue you with some healthy soda alternatives! Let’s help kick that sugary addiction and substitute it with something that is equally as good tasting, carbonated, and has health benefits. Who can say no to that?


This company is one of my recent favorites. I love their concept behind the product and some of their drinks are really tasty!

Olipop was created by researchers who were focused on digestive and gut health. They crafted it with ingredients that support your digestive and gut health such as prebiotics and other wholesome ingredients without the high sugar content that most carbonated beverages have.olipop cherry vanilla

Each drink is under 50 calories, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, & Keto-friendly. Plus they contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, preservatives, or ingredients. How’s that for a heavy hitter that can appeal to most diets and ingredient preferences?

The flavors the company has developed so far are: Vintage Cola, Classic Grape, Orange Cream, Classic Root Beer, Strawberry Vanilla, Orange Squeeze, Cherry Vanilla, and Ginger Lemon. My personal favorites are the Vintage Cola and Classic Root Beer.

You can purchase Olipop at their website or on Amazon. They offer cases of single flavors or variety packs. They also offer a subscribe and save option on both sites so if you end up really liking a flavor or flavors, you can save money with that option.


Another personal favorite is a drink called Kombucha. It is a fermented tea drink with all the benefits!

If you’re new to ferments, kombucha is a great place to start as it’s bubbly and tastes great. You ferment either green or black tea and add some sweetener to it plus any flavorings that you’d like. Common flavors I have purchased are hibiscus, pomegranate, apple, mint, basil, cherry, orange, on and on! Possiblities are endless as you can make it whatever flavor you would like and companies are always switching up the flavor profiles of the kombucha they sell.

Health-ade Kombucha has been on of my go-to’s as I can easily find them in the refrigerated section at the local grocery store. My daughter is a huge fan of them as well, her personal favorite is their pomegranate. That’s why I like this variety pack at Amazon because it offers the pomegranate, apple flavor (my personal favorite), and bubbly rose.

healthade kombucha pomegranate

The other brand that we reach for at the grocery store is Kevita. They offer a wide range of flavors along with drink cleanses such as Apple Cider Vinegar drinks. I will speak more on that in the future of the vast health benefits of ACV.

Sparkling Water

Maybe a fermented drink or a gut health pop aren’t for you. I get that! So let’s bring in the sparkling waters.

You can have all the goodness of water to keep you hydrated along with a yummy flavor. There are also so many options when it comes to sparkling water aka carbonated water.

Bubly, Sparkling Ice, La Croix, Spindrift Sparkling, San Pellegrino, along with any store brand of sparkling water are all great choices in comparison to soda. My personal favorites as of recent are Bubly and Spindrift as they come in variety packs.

Spindrift Sparkling uses real squeezed fruit juice and carbonated water so you have no sweeteners or added sugars. It might take some getting used to the lack of sweetness, but to me this is a bonus to help kick the sweet addiction.

Bubly is another great option if you’re looking to back off of the sugar addiction. This flavored seltzer offers no sweetners and no carbs as a bonus. Again, this might be a learning curve for your taste buds but once you get used to it, your body will thank you for switching to something healthier.

Make It At Home

Sometimes these options you might not be sure of – the idea sounds great and you’d love to try them out but you’re on the fence. I completely understand that. It took quite some time for me to kick my soda addiction. I figured if I couldn’t kick it cold turkey right here and now, could I at least make my own soda at home so I knew that the ingredients were better? Could I control the sugar in it?

What I ended up purchasing initially was the Soda Stream. It gave me the freedom to not spend the money on soda at the store and I could choose what I used to make it. Plus, I thought the whole process was really cool making it at home.

The Soda Stream kit I had purchased came with the machine, a CO2 cartridge, and some flavorings of my choice. I have recently saw that you have the option to purchase not only soda syrups to flavor but you can purchase Bubly flavors as well. I’m sure if you searched the internet you could find other flavorings besides the two options it comes with!

To Your Health!

There is no better time than the present to kick your soda habit. Not only will you be consuming less sugars and artificial sweeteners but your body will start to reverse any effects from drinking the soda so overall you will head towards your path of becoming healthier.

Finding a carbonated drink with flavor to me was a groundbreaker to bridge the gap of going cold turkey. I hope you find one of these suggestions to be helpful on your journey!

Comment below if you find any of these drinks are helpful or if you have any personal favorites you would like to share!

2 thoughts on “Healthy Soda Alternatives”

  1. I am all about living healthy and exercising, so whenever I come across a website that is similar to mine, I get super excited. I love drinking soda but they are not good for your health. This is a good alternative to drinking coke. I will be sure to purchase myself one. I hope it tastes good 

    1. Thank you Daniel!

      It tastes very good. I know everyone’s taste is different but as someone who used to be a soda addict I find them very appealing.

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